Idea Validation Made Easy

Idea Validation

You have a fantastic idea, but what's next?
Is it really what people want?
Who will you ask for an opinion?
Your friends? Your family? A stranger from the internet?
It's hard to decide because they can give you wrong feedback unwillingly.
The reason is simple - they are either biased (they don't wont to hurt your feelings, so they are overly positive), or not qualified to answer (they are not your possible audience, so why their word should matter).
This is the moment when independent and unbiased opinions are crucial.
Almost Cake performs research of the market fit for your idea.
It allows you to see things by avoiding a biased opinion from your social circles and from non-targeted reviewers.
Almost Cake was created precisely to do this.
We'll contact your potential audience members and ask them about your idea for you.
Let an independent, unbiased, professional agency to do it for you and show you real results!

Why do I need market fit idea validation service?

Idea Validation

Did you know that 42% of new businesses fail due to the lack of market fit?
Almost Cake helps you to verify that there is a need for your idea.
With us you can test ideas for your business, service, feature, physical product, strategy, or anything that might need a help with.
This form of idea validation is fast, cost-effective, and independent.
Usually idea validation takes even weeks to complete, and it will cost you This way you can focus elsewhere and yet expect truly unbiased results.
By connecting with people that matter the most - your future audience - you can get real answers and test the validity of your idea.

There are many cases when a market fit idea validation is needed:
-you have only your own or your closed one opinion, which might be biased, so you want to confirm that your audience aligns with it.
-you did the initial validation, but you think that the results might be biased or not representative.
-you need an independent source of data for fund and loan application, or an important meeting.
-it's valuable to have verification from an external source to showcase to your upper management.
-your project is running, but the results are nowhere you wanted them, so you want to find the problem.
-you are looking for quality comments and different points of view, so you can look at your idea from a different perspective.

Our process is simple:
-You submit your idea to us
-We identify people that will be a potential future audience
-We contact them in a friendly manner and ask to fill a quick survey anonymously
-With answers collected, we create an appealing report and deliver it to you
-You now know for sure what your target audience thinks about your idea

The users who answer those surveys come from an extensive database of people who agreed to be contacted for research purposes.
We can target them quite precisely, so the answers are from your potential audience!
All the answers are unbiased, and our responders are not incentivized - their responses are real and honest!

You deserve to know.

Idea Validation

Don't risk with untested idea that might be a miss.
Each day businesses, services, and products get shut down because there was no market for them.
Who knows, maybe you'll get a piece of valuable advice from a reviewer that will save you some troubles later on?
Idea Validation report consist of everything you need:

  • Visually appealing report.
  • Unbiased answers & comments from your target audience.
  • Easy to follow results, with all votes available one-by-one.
  • A PDF version of the report.
  • CSV with data collected.
  • Full support.

Complete report = the right path to success.

What You'll Get:

Full Report

Visually Appealing report with:
-All votes accessible one-by-one

Real Answers

All the answers you get are from real people. They agreed to be contacted for research purposes, and they are honestly interested in answering the questions. All of them are precisely targeted. We'll contact them by text messages and direct them to an optimized survey.

Email Support

Full support included - have a question, or you would like us to review the results for you? We are happy to assist!

3 Days

The results are delivered as soon as 3 days!

Just For You

Your report is for your eyes only. It will be not shared with anyone else.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If we fail to deliver for any reason, we will either offer a full refund or work with you until the issue is resolved.

Expertise Above All

We will use our extensive experience when working with you. You can learn more about our founder HERE.

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